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English summary

All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS)
Founded in April 1925


VOS is:

- a voluntary organization that unites 274 thousand blind and partially sighted people of Russia.
- 74 regional and 932 primary local organizations comprising VOS
- 180 factories all over Russia
- 42,7 thousand working sites, of which over 23 thousand - for the visually impaired
- a list of 300 professions, mastered by the visually impaired
- 27 institutions run by VOS, including:
- 3 Rehabilitation Centers: in Moscow, in Volokolamsk (120 km from Moscow), in Bijsk (Siberia)
- 3 Holiday and Recreation Centers with medical care available: in Gelendzhik (270 beds, Black Sea side), in Piatigorsk ( 250 beds, Northern Caucasus), in Bykovo, (170 beds, Moscow Region).
These Centers are adapted for the blind. Both the blind and the sighted clients are welcome there.

Everybody is welcome to apply for a course of stay & treatment (up to 24 days) in the above mentioned VOS Centers:

1. Gelendzhik, Lunacharskogo Street, 129
Fax: + 007 86 141 - 232 99

2. Piatogorsk, Lermontovski Razjezd
Fax.: + 007 87 933 - 995 99

3. Moscow Region, Ramenski region, Bykovo, Oparinskaya,67
Fax.: + 007 095 - 556 23 72.

- 2 Publishing Centers
- 2 Editorial offices;
- "Rehacomp" - Promotion Study Center for VOS personnel
- VOS Museum
- Guide-dog School.

Basic activities of VOS:

- finding the blind , registration, co-optation in VOS;
- different integration measures. Creating all necessary conditions for the visually impaired to practice their human and social rights and abilities in cooperation with federal and local authorities;
- contributing to realization of medical, social and vocational rehabilitation of the visually impaired;
- support to their social protection in cooperation with federal and local governmental bodies;
- employment assistance both at VOS factories and outside VOS system;
- providing the visually impaired with technical means for rehabilitation;

All kinds of charity and help will be highly appreciated.
VOS has got a Transit Hard Currency Account # 40703840800001000023 (USD) in:

Russian Regional Development Bank, Moscow, Russia
Account N 000306177 with HSBC BANK USA, New York, USA

- education assistance to newly blind adult people. Arranging their learning of Braille system;
- promotion of their interest and access to social life, culture, sports, etc;
- editorial and publishing activities, advertisement and other forms of information for and about VOS;
- exchange of experience with other organizations of the disabled people in Russia and abroad, participation in activities of international bodies in the field.

" EQUAL RIGHTS - EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES" - a motto of The All Russia Association of the Blind

Industrial activities of the All Russia Association of the Blind

180 factories of VOS produce 3500 names of industrial and consumer goods. Among them:
wire-harnesses for cars, tracks and coaches;
spare parts for vehicles;
lighting engineering (starting controllers, industrial and household lamps);
corking articles (crown caps, canned/preserved food caps);
electrical engineering articles and electrical installation articles;
paper and cardboard articles;
some kind of food items;
clothing items.

VOS factories are provided with all necessary equipment

VOS factories employ highly qualified workers and personnel

VOS collaborates with various trading and small wholesale units, industrial and building companies on a long term basis.

More details about VOS, its factories and products can be found on VOS website: www.vos.org.ru (russian only).

109012 Moscow, Novaya Ploschad, 14. Tel. +7 495 - 628 6513.
Fax. +7 495 - 623 7600
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